Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 12th, Soaking up the last bit of summertime.

The last day of summer vacation we spent the day being lazy.
Natalie and Katie played with our neighbor's grandkids at the pond. They were fishing and catching turtles most of the day. Molly enjoyed watching them and would "sniff" the turtles after they would catch them and then watch them throw them back into the pond.
Fishing 02 web

Fishing 03 web

Fishing 04 web


web 2

Spencer however waited until the week before school starts to begin reading his required English reading of "Cleopatra's Daughter". He spent most of the day in the rocker on the porch finishing up reading his book.

Summer Reading

Then he spent the rest of the evening working on the project that was due the very first day of school. It was 10:30pm when he finished the project only to learn he had put it together wrong. Thankfully Jerome had picked him up a few extra pieces of posterboard and he was able to redo his project. He climbed in bed very late that night. I couldn't help but think this is exactly how NOT to start the school year off.
He had no problem reading the first book, "Maximum Ride", he couldn't put that book down and had it finished before the first week of summer was completed. If only he had done the same for the honors English book.....

August 8th, Sick.

Katie seems to take after me when it comes to ear infections. She always seems to have them.

This one was a bad one though. Her pediatrician prescribed her antibiotic ear drops but after a night of crying and sleeping in bed with me and Jerome I knew I needed to take her back in. Her ear canal was almost swollen shut and all this time I just thought the medicine wasn't working (actually, it wasn't, because it wasn't getting to the place it needed to be).

A few days later she was sleeping back in her own room and running around playing outside.

Catching Up

Wow, I can't believe it has been so long since I have written anything here. We have been so busy, time has just gotten away from me. I have kept up with taking pictures and making memories, just haven't kept up on writing about them.
I guess now that the kids are all in school I can make time for it. The next few posts will obviously be out of sequence....until I can catch up.
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