Thursday, February 28, 2013

You're gonna miss this...

I was driving home yesterday morning after dropping Spencer off at school. The song, "You're Gonna Miss This" started playing on the radio.

It made me smile and feel sentimental.

Maybe its because of all the pictures I was going through a few days ago (I sent negatives from 1993-1997 off to Scan Cafe and received my scanned negatives back). Pictures of Spencer as a baby.

Maybe its because hearing him talk to his dad about joining the military when he graduates, a regular conversation between the two of them.

Maybe its because he is now learning to drive.

Maybe its because seeing him dressed up in uniform to go to his military ball, makes me realize how much more he is growing into a man.

Maybe its because I realize two more years really doesn't seem like much time at all.

Maybe its because the past fifteen and a half years have flown by.

All those days when he was little that I struggled with, two year old temper tantrums, worrying he wouldn't stop sucking his thumb, potty training, taking my four year old little boy, my 18 month old and  3 month old little girls to the grocery store alone, trying to teach him multiplication, the bully on the school playground, learning to ride a bicycle, moving far away from his best friend, wanting to step in as a mother but knowing he needs to do things on his own to help him grow......

All those days I wish I could hold on to forever, singing him to sleep while rocking him in my arms, the way his hair curled on the top of his head, his little hands holding onto mine, watching him take his first steps, reading with him before bedtime in his favorite pajamas, watching him run home with a big smile on his face after his first day of kindergarten, watching him running on the football field and holding my breath hoping he doesn't get hurt, laughing with him because he can't wait until he is as tall as me (he is now MUCH taller than I am, he is over 6ft. 3in.).......

And now, now I am watching him grow into the wonderful, tall, young man I always knew he would be.

I know I wish those days hadn't gone by so quickly. It makes me realize that 16 years really isn't that long. And knowing he only has two more years until he graduates.....well, it just makes me feel a little sentimental sometimes.

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