Sunday, December 5, 2010

{ His First Wrestling Tournament. }

We spent Friday evening and most of Saturday at The Pepsi Invitational Classic Wrestling Tournament. Going in to these I had absolutely no idea they lasted so long. I thought an hour or two maybe......boy, was I wrong. I didn't take my camera with me Friday evening, I wanted to enjoy watching my son wrestle for the first time. The coach came up to me after and asked if I would mind taking pictures (something special he has planned for the boys at the end of the season). So Saturday I took a lot of pictures. Looking back I probably should have used my flash and not bumped my ISO up to 2500 but oh well.....according to my husband only I notice the "technical stuff" anyway.

Spencer's first match he didn't win, but he fought hard for it.

Wrestling 10 57

Wrestling 11 57

A little advice from the coach.....

Wrestling 12 57

His second match ended up being with one of his best friends, Adam. I (and several other moms) don't like how they match up kids from the same school....but I know there is a reason. He fought hard on this one too, but didn't win this match. He put up a good fight though.

Wrestling 13 57

Wrestling 16 57

Wrestling SB 04

Then they took a break and the kids did some more warming up before beginning again.

Wrestling 17 46

Spencer was very determined not to lose his next match. I think that determination carried him through because his third match he won. It was great hearing his name being yelled by our home team, "GO SPENCER!".
This was the first round of his third match....

Wrestling 18 57

Wrestling SB 03

Getting more advice from the coach....

Wrestling SB 05

I can really see the determination in him here....

Wrestling 24 57

Wrestling SB 02

Wrestling 25 57

I'm proud of my son! So proud.

Wrestling SB 06

His coach was proud of him and Spencer was happy he had won a match. He told me he didn't want to go home without winning one.

Wrestling SB 01

Spencer didn't meet the standard for his weight class, he was just a few pounds over and was bumped up to the next weight class. He was at the bottom of the weight class they put him in and wrestled several that were in the top of the weight class (Spencer and Adam both are in the same weight class and both were bumped up). He is working hard to get back down in the weight class he belongs in so that way he will be at the top of his weight class.
It was a long day. When we left the school that was hosting the tournament everything was covered in snow. We made it home safely and enjoyed the rest of the evening.


  1. These pics are awesome. {Especially the one where they are all in the circle} GO SPENCER!!!!

  2. I looked at these again... I really love them... the first time I had to hurry and just looked.. this time I REALLY looked... the expressions you caught are brilliant...even the coaches smiling hopefully in the background... the coach walkint toward Spencer with his hand extended for a "five"... really love these... I LOVE how Spencer looked at his Momma when he won... perfect.


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