Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Time with Dad.

Saturday we spent the day with Jerome at a military family day.

They all packed their swim suits and were ready for a day of fun.

Military Family Day

This is my very favorite picture from the day.

Katie has always loved her Daddy throwing her up in the air to splash in the pool water, even before she was even two years old. She has always been our "water baby" (what we've always called her because of her love for the water).

I think this picture says it all.

How much she loves her Daddy and just how much she loves that he can still pick her up and throw her in the water.

Never To Big For Daddy's Arms

Natalie had her fair share of getting picked up and tossed by her Daddy in the pool too.

Pool 05 Blog

Pool 06 Blog

Pool 07 Blog

Sitting on his shoulders.

Spencer was there too, he just has a way of disappearing when I turn the camera to him.

This is what I have of him......

Big Brother

I am trying to make sure to capture as many moments of us with Jerome as I can.

I know next year when the summer is getting long, and the deployment feels like it will never end, we can look back and remember these hot summer days with him.

 Splashing in the pool and being together as a family.

Military Family Day

Military Family Day

Military Family Day

Military Family Day

Natalie and Katie were saying "HELLO" underwater.

Hello underwater

We all had a fun day Saturday.

I'm looking forward to more Saturday's spent together as a family.

Military Family Day

I know I haven't been writing a lot lately. I think we are still learning to adjust to knowing he is deploying again. I have many more things to write, but for now I just don't want to talk or write about the deployment. Right now it seems easier to just keep it far away from thought and just not think about it. I want to enjoy each and every moment we have together as a family.

~Amber Hope

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