Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fort Polk, day five

Sunday we took our kids to the lake, Alligator Lake, to ride boats.

We packed a lunch, put our swim suits on and headed to the lake.

We had lunch first.

March18 04 Blog

Spencer decided he didn't want to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so he fixed himself an MRE....don't you just love the way Katie is looking at him eating it in this picture?

Fort Polk Blog 09

Then Katie decided to try an MRE for herself.....I don't know what it is with my kids and peanut butter and jelly.....

March18 01 Blog

Yeah.....I don't think she cared to much for the MRE....I tried to tell her that her PB&J would be much better....

March18 06 Blog

We went out on the lake....I left my camera tucked safely in the car.

The girls fell asleep when we left the lake and were on our way back to the hotel.

That is the twizzlers from the MRE in Katie's hand....I think the only thing she enjoyed from it...

Fort Polk Blog 10

We decided to surprise the kids and stop for ice cream on our way back.

Spencer said to me, "Hey mom, get your camera ready and watch this!".

March18 09 Blog

He yelled to Katie, who was SOUND ASLEEP...."KATIE!! THERE IS A GATOR IN THE BOAT!!"

March18 10 Blog

We all got a good laugh from that one!

They all picked out their ice cream cones.

March18 12 Blog

March18 11 Blog

We went back to the hotel after stopping for ice cream. The kids went swimming in the hotel pool while Jerome and I got ready for our anniversary date.

We ordered the kids pizza and gave them strict instructions.

Then Jerome and I went to a nice Italian restaraunt across the street for our 17th anninversary date.

I was really happy to be able to spend this day with him, one less holiday that we will have to spend apart.

We had a wonderful evening together and our kids were happy we brought back a large slice of chocolate cake from the restaraunt for them.

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