Monday, November 5, 2012

Catching up.

I have SO MANY pictures to share that I haven't even put on here. A summer full of memories, a trip to the beach, first day of school, and most importantly Jerome's surprise homecoming....where we surprised all three of our kids at each one of their schools.

I told myself I'm going to go in order here, chronologically, and not post current pictures until I get all the summer pictures posted. The problem with that is there is A TON of summer pictures.....and with the weather changing to the cold autumn air....I'm wanting to post more everyday I used to (when I was somewhat caught up), I want to be able to write when the mood hits me (not wait until I'm "caught up" and then try to remember the story from that moment).

Truth be known, we have been enjoying our time together as a couple and as a family again since Jerome returned home from Afghanistan in September. So I guess I will keep up with our everyday now....and every once in a while when you see a post about our summer vacation in the dead of will know that is just me catching up!

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