Monday, May 13, 2013

A Navy Chief and his tattoo.

Back in March for Jerome's birthday we took a weekend trip, just to two of us, to go visit his brother and his girlfriend.

Jerome's brother has several tattoos and set an appointment up for Jerome with his same tattoo artist.

Jerome had been wanting to get an anchor tattoo for a while now.

We searched for ideas, found some favorites and gave them to the tattoo artist.

He did a wonderful job putting together exactly what Jerome was wanting.

tattoo 03 46 blog
tattoo 02 46 blog

The shop had this Norman Rockwell picture hanging up.

tattoo blog

Jerome's brother Joey and his girlfriend Lauren checking out the progress of the tattoo....

tattoo 04 67 blog

Jerome said the outline was the worst part, but all in all it wasn't painful.

tattoo 07 46 blog
tattoo 08 46 blog

The before and after (I'll get a better picture of it this summer at the beach).....

tattoo before after

Lauren and I walked to an antique shop while Jerome was getting his tattoo.

I found a little Jadite bowl that I love.

Joey and Lauren gave Jerome a Navy Chief pin from WWII that they had found at an antique shop earlier. Jerome absolutely loved it.

We had a good weekend together, Jerome had a great birthday, and now he has the anchor tattoo he has been wanting.

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