Tuesday, June 27, 2006


My poor little boy needs a puppy! He has been looking so sad lately, missing his Daddy. His 9th birthday is coming up soon (I can't believe he is already going to be that old) and he has asked me forever for a puppy. I always tell him no, not right now or some other parent like excuse. But here lately I have been reconsidering. He has been so lonely since Jerome has been gone and he just seems so sad. I have really been thinking maybe a puppy would be a good idea (not for me of course, but for hime). The other day we were out driving and we passed our local fruit and flowers stand, and they had a big sign up that said "Lab Puppies for sale". I saw him through the rear view mirror looking over there and trying his hardest to get a glimse of the little puppies in the box. It wasn't a few seconds later he was asking me if he could please have a puppy. He was promising me the moon if only he could have a puppy. I said no because right now is just not a good time. The sadness in his face made my heart sink to my stomache. So today I mentioned to him that if he really wanted a puppy that he would have till his birthday to show me that he is responsible enough to take care of one (this is the same boy that I have to argue with to clean his room, lol). I wish I could have bottled up the excitement that was in his face at that second. He about knocked me down with the hug he gave me, "I promise Mommy, I promise, you'll see" he said.
I think a little companion would do him some good right now. Maybe help with some of the loneliness he is having since his Daddy got deployed. I can see such a difference in the two of these pictures. The one with him smiling (well, half smiling, he is in the awkward teeth stage and won't smile showing any teeth or lack there of) was taken the week we got to spend with Jerome at Ft. Bragg before he left and the one of him at the beach is the week after he left.
Now I just have to convince his Daddy. Ha-ha-ha

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