Monday, October 31, 2011


For Halloween this year we went to my sister's house and went trick or treating in her neighborhood. Savannah had her boys Bradley, dressed in a cowboy costume that Grammie made for him, and Caleb dressed as his favorite character, Elmo. Jolena and I were curling hair, putting make up on the girls right before leaving her house to shoot some pictures and then go trick or treating. Madison was a mime and Paris was Dorothy, she wore Katie's Dorothy dress that Katie loved when she was a little bit younger than Paris. Natalie was a dressed up masquerade and Katie was Alice, from Alice in Wonderland.
Halloween 01 Blog

When Jerome saw these pictures of Katie and Caleb walking in the woods he said it reminded him the storybook Where The Wild Things Are.
Halloween 02 Blog

Halloween 07 Blog

Katie made an adorable Alice...
Halloween 03 Blog

This one is my favorite....
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Natalie and Katie loved toting Bradley and Caleb around while trick or treating. Their feet by the end of the night were aching from the heels they insisted on wearing and from walking up and down hills and carrying the boys.
Halloween 14 Blog

Bradley calls his guns "Pow-Pows" cute...
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I loved the sunlight shining through the woods and the old tree that Natalie is standing by. I love how the sunlight just radiates her beauty.
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After Jolena and I took all the pictures we wanted, we all loaded in our cars and were on our way to go trick or treating.
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Spencer and his girl Danielle were goofing off and I was glad that I snapped a few. He kept ducking behind her to avoid the camera, but I managed to get one of him anyway...
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They didn't dress up but they tagged along with our big crew too.

I love these pictures, especially the bottom one of the kids (except Spencer who refused to be in this). It wasn't an easy task getting them all to stop trick or treating for just a minute to get this shot....
Halloween 16 Blog

We've taken one of the kids together like this every year that I've gone trick or treating with my sisters. I love seeing all the colorful costumes they each pick out to wear and how much they've grown just in one year.

I love that Paris wore Katie's Dorothy dress. Katie loved The Wizard of Oz when she was little. She would watch the movie over and over, sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow as sweet as could be and lived in her Dorothy dress and red ruby slippers. Seeing Paris in her dress reminded me of Katie when she was little.
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It became cold and dark outside pretty quickly, it didn't bother the kids though...they were to excited to fill up their bucket with candy to notice the cold.
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At this particular house the kids came running down the walk excited holding a large piece of candy. This house wasn't giving out the usual Halloween miniature candy, it gave out large things of starburst candies and other candy bars. Natalie came running up to me and Jolena with a smile on her face and said, "This is the score house!" as she proudly held up her full pack of starburst candy.
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It was a fun night. I enjoyed catching up with my sisters while our kids all went from house to house collecting candy.

24. curlers in hair, dressing up for trick or treating
25. sound of leaves crunching under feet
26. watching Katie spin in circles pretending to be Alice
27. Bradley playing with his pow-pows
28. a favorite Dorothy dress
29. people passing out candy and watching the dressed up children with delight
30. sound of candy plopping in empty trick or treat buckets
31. cool air blowing as the sun starts to disappear
32. colorful costumes on kids running here and there collecting candy
33. shadows on ground of kids trick or treating
34. girls asleep in backseat with bucket full of candy resting in their lap
35. going through candy with their Daddy as he takes quite a few for himself
36. warming up to hot chocolate after a cold night of trick or treating

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