Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love from Home.

These pictures were tucked away in Jerome's bag with letters from home as a surprise for him when he found them......

Surprise Blog 01

There is a personal meaning behind these words that Spencer wrote for his Dad.

And last time Jerome left it was difficult when he came home to get the kids out of our bed and into their own, to sleep in their own room (they were A LOT younger then).

Surprise Blog 03

The "I LOVE YOU MORE" is a thing between Natalie and her daddy that they say over and over to each other.

Punch buggy is the kids favorite game to play in the car. Many times I have to initiate a "don't punch so hard" rule....they can get a little carried away with it. But Jerome.....he's the best at playing this game. He always manages to spot the bugs before anyone else does. And before he left he showed me a house on our way home that has an old bug, he told me to always remember that one so that I can at least get one on the kids. Thanks honey....but they have already figured that one out!

Surprise Blog 02

It's funny....I can't go anywhere now without seeing a bug and every time I do it always reminds me of Jerome and puts a smile on my face.

We are adjusting to home being just us again.

The kids are all well and back in school. Spencer will have a lot of homework to catch up on, he has been absent since January 13th. I just hope that I will be able to help him with all of it.....I was never very good at algebra.....Jerome always helps him with his math homework.

Katie was up early this morning, she was excited to put a stamp on the letter she wrote to her daddy. We finally were given an address to send things to him while he is in training. I wish you could have seen the smile on her face as she put her letter in the mailbox and raised the red flag, then ran to catch the school bus.

The kids and I have been all talking about sending Jerome his first care package. We have a surprise for that one too. We are all excited about making what we are making to put in his package.

Our schedule is falling into place and we are all feeling better about the adjustment as each day goes by.

Jerome when you read this, know that Molly misses you too. I got a good laugh at you wanting me to put you on speaker so you could talk to her. I laughed when you told me what the other guys said and it made me smile to see Molly perk her ears up and stare at the phone. I think she misses you too....but she keeps the kids busy and their mind occupied. And yes, they do still feed her when they are supposed to ;) I love you baby.

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