Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Lately the simple word "time" has been on my mind....constantly.

How much time we have, how many days, and now it seems almost how many hours.

Time is going by so quickly.

It is on my mind when I lay down to sleep at night and it is the first thing that comes to my mind when I wake up in the morning.

At the beginning of this week I asked Jerome what his favorite home cooked dinners were so that I could fix them for him before he left. That way when he is eating those MRE's he will be remembering the good meals that were fixed for him before he left.

We sat down with our schedule in hand.

Monday he was taking Katie out bowling and to dinner for her Daddy Daughter Date.

Tuesday his Dad was coming out to spend the day with him and help him put some motion sensor lights on the house and then out to dinner with Spencer and his dad.

Wednesday is an evening off, but maybe take Spencer out and have some one on one time with him.

Thursday he and Natalie are going out on their Daddy Daughter Date.

Friday our girls are going to birthday sleepovers, Spencer and his girl out to the movies. So Jerome and I decided we could squeeze in one more date night.

Saturday we are having pictures taken by my sister and then to his family's home to visit with everyone and spend some time together.

That leaves Sunday. One day out of this week before he leaves to fix a good home cooked meal.

The time is going faster than I had imagined it would.

And even though it is going by fast, I am glad that we still have time to squeeze all the "one more's" in.

The one more Daddy Daughter dates.

The one more night out with his son.

The one more date night.

The one more dinner at Pam's.

And we will have at least one more home cooked meal.

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