Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3am Marshmallows.

My sister Savannah has been coming out to our house on some weekends since Jerome has been gone. We go shopping, go to dinner and have fun.

The beginning of February she came out for the weekend, brought her boys and Natalie and Katie had fun playing babysitter with them.

We stayed up watching a movie and got to bed late. Bradley had gone to sleep earlier than usual and Savannah was hoping he would sleep all night.

He did not sleep all night.

At three in the morning he woke up and was asking for marshmallows. She had to drive to work the next morning so she kept trying to get him to go back to sleep.

He is a persistant little boy and kept insisting on 3am.

I got up with him, I thought maybe he was hungry since he had gone to bed earlier. I carried him into the kitchen but told him I did not have any marshmallows in the house. " have marshmallows!", he would say and I would tell him that we didn't.

"Let me see!", he'd say. So I carried him into the pantry to show him that we in fact did not have any marshmallows.

"There! Right there! You have marshmallows!", he said as he pointed to a box of Lucky Charms.

I fixed him a bowl of cereal to eat and he stood at the chair in the kitchen to eat it (Spencer and his friend Zack had been working on a Rube Goldberg project and everything wasn't where it should be).

LuckyCharms Blog 01

After giving him a bowl of lucky charms to eat....I realized he wasn't going to eat the cereal.....just the marshmallows.

One by one he ate all of the marshmallows out of the bowl. Then he decided to give the rest to Molly, our dog.

Molly was as happy as could be thinking that she was going to get fed a bowl of cereal at three in the morning. In fact, she loves it when the boys come to visit.

Bradley is one of those kids that can make everything funny and cute, even eating only the marshmallows out of a cereal bowl at three in the morning.

I decided to record him, because he was making me laugh, even though I was half asleep.

Half way through this video is hilarious.....after I asked him if he was finished and he went to put his bowl away....just watch....

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