Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Career Day At School.

October 20th was the day Natalie had marked on her calendar for her Daddy to come to her school for career day.

She was so excited to show her Daddy off to all of her classmates.

We went early to have lunch with her. We had planned on bringing a good lunch in for all of us to share, he request was McDonalds, but we were running behind because I was putting the finishing touches on the video and pictures Jerome was going to show the class. So we improvised, ran to the small local grocery and gas store, paid an arm and leg for chips, corn dogs and drinks, but we made it on time for her lunch break at school.

She didn't mind the awful lunch we brought, she was just happy her Daddy was there to show off.

Career Day Blog 10

Then we lined up with the class, went to her classroom and Jerome introduced himself as Natalie's Daddy to the class.

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Then he showed the video that I had put together for him...

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He talked a lot to the kids about his job in the Navy.

The kids asked A LOT of questions....hands held high waiting to be answered.

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In this particular picture a boy had asked what all the ribbons on his uniform stood for. It took him a while to tell everyone what they were and how the ribbon was earned, but all the kids were very attentive and listening to everything he was telling them.

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So many of the kids asked questions. Several asked what it was like over in Afghanistan for kids. Then that is when he started to tell the kids that most children over there don't wear shoes, some don't get to go to school and that the place he was at he was part of a team that built the first girls school in the area and that they were very excited just to get to go to school. They don't have grocery stores like we do here, some don't have enough food to eat. He told them how several of the kids would ask for a pen and paper and to them that was like Christmas getting to have a pen and paper to scribble on.

Natalie's teacher liked everything he was telling the class and asked him to talk more about this. Between the both of them they talked to the kids about being grateful for what you have....because in other places of the world others don't have hardly anything.

There were a few more questions and then the class thanked him for visiting them.

Natalie was very proud to have her Daddy there that day. You could see it in her smile.

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46. freedom
47. our home we live in
48. grocery stores
49. food to put on the table
50. a roof over our heads
51. wonderful children
52. a school my children can go to
53. living in America

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