Thursday, November 17, 2011


Homecoming 03 Blog

Spencer's first homecoming was scheduled the same night as our Navy ball. Several weeks before we were planning and figuring out how we were going to do both homecoming and our Navy ball in the same night. I had a beautiful red dress to wear and I was looking forward to seeing Jerome in his dress uniform.

Then Katie became sick with meningitis, was hospitalized and it changed EVERYTHING. By Saturday she was doing better and was having to stay in the hospital until all of her test results came back. I had spent most of the week in the hospital with her so Jerome insisted that I take Spencer and his girlfriend to homecoming. He told me, "besides he wants you to go so that you can take some good pictures of them".

Spencer and his girlfriend, Danielle, make such a cute couple. He really loves this girl, I can tell. They are funny together, always goofing off and laughing. I haven't seen him this happy in a while. She is a blessing even if she doesn't know it.....she has been a wonderful distratraction from Jerome's deployment for Spencer.

We started out at the park taking pictures then I dropped them both off at Chili's to have dinner before the dance and I went and did a little shopping while they ate. Then I dropped them off at the homecoming dance.

I'm really happy that Spencer loves this girl so much. She is a sweet and beautiful girl.

Homecoming 01B Blog

The picture on the right below.....that smile....I can tell from that smile that he is in love...

Homecoming 02B Blog

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