Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paintball Trip.

Jerome and Spencer love taking these paint ball trips together. All of Spencer's friends stay here the night before, then they all get up early, put on the extra uniforms Jerome has, get their paintball guns ready to go, load the truck up and leave here to go paintballing for the day with breakfast on the way.

This year it was drizzly and raining from the time they woke up to the time they came home. They always come home showing their "battle scars" (bruises from the paintball shots). They laugh and tell us who shot them on each bruise and do a little comparing as to who has more "battle scars".

Paintball 03 blog

Paintball 01 blog

Paintball 02 blog

This was suppose to be the last trip before Jerome leaves for deployment, but I think they are planning another trip over Christmas break. Spencer's friend Adam usually goes too, but he was unable to make this last trip. Maybe the "Full House" will all be at the next trip....I can only imagine how cold it will be though.

I know this is one thing Spencer will miss while Jerome is gone. He was talking about it the other day. Jerome told him just because he is gone doesn't mean he won't be able to go, it just means one of the other dads can take all the boys for a paintball trip. Spencer replied with, "I know dad, but it just won't be the same without you there".

54. the sight of all the paintball guns laid out on our dining room table
55. seeing Spencer spending quality time with his dad
56. the boys proudly showing their "battle scars"
57. laughing at them telling us to go next time, as they show us deep purple bruises
58. a day with just our girls

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