Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Passing Football.

Football in yard Blog 01

Passing football is one of Jerome and Spencer's favorite thing to do together. The trick is keeping the football away from Molly. She has put a hole in many of our footballs. She just thinks she is one of the boys....they go down to hike the ball and she is right beside them barking up a storm. As soon as the ball is thrown....she is running as fast as she can, in hopes that Spencer will not catch it. When he doesn't catch the football she gets it and takes off running, making us all chase her to get the football back before she puts another hole through it.

Football in yard Blog 02

Molly is a great dog to have around. She loves our kids, thinks she is their big protector. She loves to run and play with them. She waits on them at the bus stop every single day. As soon as she sees them step off the bus she starts wagging her tail in excitement to see them.

Molly 01 Blog

41. watching Jerome and Spencer pass football in the yard
42. soaking these moments up, knowing soon he won't be here to pass a football
43. laughter
44. passing the football with them, and hearing Spencer explain to me how to throw the football correctly for the tenth time
45. hearing the girls cheering for us from the front porch

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