Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easter Sunday

We all put on our Sunday best for Easter.

Spencer wanted to wear his uniform in honor of his Dad.

I think he looked handsome.

He gets it from his Dad.

We drove to the church my mom and dad go to.

It was good to be with family on this first lonely holiday without my husband by my side.

Easter Sunday Blog

We spent the afternoon with my family.

The kids all wore one of my dad's tshirts and played barefoot in the creek after dinner.

I hadn't heard from Jerome. I usually do.

I had a feeling he was in route, but not knowing for sure, I only guessed.

By that evening I still hadn't heard from him.

I decided I didn't want to go home to an empty house.

I stayed at my parents house that night.

I sat out on the front porch with my mom and sisters and enjoyed the day as it turned into night.

The kids made sleeping bags out of blankets and slept on the floor.

It was a great day and I enjoyed it. But there wasn't one second that I wasn't thinking about my husband and wondering if he had made it there yet.

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  1. Beautiful beautiful family. I can't believe how much your children have grown.


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