Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine!

I sent two other packages to Jerome a week or two ago.

One package was a nice soft blanket and sheet set. The other was just full of a bunch of goodies that I just put in a box to get out to him quickly.

For this package, Care Package #7, I wanted to do something special.

I knew he needed more coffee creamer and I had been wanting to bake him some cinnamon sugar monkey bread in a jar to send.

This package I decided to put it together with the thought of "Good Morning" in mind.

He was VERY happy to get this one, he LOVED the monkey bread.

GoodMorning 01 Blog
Good Morning Blog 01

I found several ideas from Pinterest.

The morning pill box I wrote a little note on paper and rolled it.

 One little note for each day of the week.

 One thing that I miss and something that I love that he does.

This one reads, "I miss our Friday night date night. I love how you still open the door for me".

GoodMorning 03 Blog

I wanted to include a local newspaper in this but I was completely out of room.

And.....he doesn't read the morning paper anyway.

Good Morning Blog 02

This Good Morning Sunshine care package included:

His favorite Dunkin Donuts Coffee
Two boxes of Land O' Lakes Mini Moo's Creamer (individual packets)
Two Quaker Oats Apple Walnut Oatmeal, single servings
Corn Pops Cereal
Four Jars of Cinnamon Sugar Monkey Bread
A jar of strawberry lemon jam I made and canned at Christmas this past year
Mio Orange water flavoring
Tic Tacs (for that morning breath)
A package of baby wipes (for the sticky monkey bread)

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