Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elementary Graduation And A Surprise.

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Yesterday was Natalie's 5th grade graduation ceremony.

She decided to get ready that morning in our bathroom and I couldn't help but notice as she was standing in front of the mirror putting her make up on how grown up she looks in the pretty dress we picked out together for her graduation.

The graduation ceremony began and in walked both 5th grade classes.

Natalie looked over and smiled at me.

The principal started his speech after the kids found their seat in the front of the church.

The ceremony was halfway finished when I saw Skype on my phone light up (yes I had it silenced), it was Jerome.

I was excited because little did Natalie know that her Daddy was going to be able to see her graduation.

 A few parents were standing in the back taking pictures. One mom was stooped down in the aisle up front taking pictures.

I quietly stood up from where I was sitting and made my way to the church pew that Natalie was sitting at. I stooped down at the edge of the church pew and thankfully Natalie was at the very end I was at.

I held the phone so that she could see her Daddy.

 He waved at her and she smiled a big smile and waved back.

 Her name was called shortly after that and he was able to see her go up and receive her awards and hug her teacher.

After the ceremony they were having cake at the building across from where we were. We were trying to talk to him but there was such a crowd and it was so noisy we couldn't hear, so we walked down away from the crowd and found a spot that we could hear him and talk to him.

I happily took these of Natalie as she talked to her Daddy, showing him her awards, telling him about her day and kissing him goodbye so that she could go join the rest of her friends for cake.

Graduation 01 blog
Graduation Blog 02

This one is a favorite, a picture of her and her Daddy on her 5th grade graduation day (and me if you look really closely).

Graduation Blog 03

She was beyond excited that he was able to "be there".

Graduation Blog 05

And we always give kisses before ending the phone call.

I love this one.

It shows that even though we are on different sides of the world we are still a family and we are making this work.

Graduation 08 blog

Our dearest Natalie,
You are becoming such an amazing young woman. You are beautiful and smart. You have a heart that is caring and sincere. You make me and your Daddy proud. I want you to know how much we love you and it makes us happy to see you become such a wonderful young woman that you are. We love you Boo. xoxo Mommy and Daddy

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