Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kick-off to Summer

Summer Kick off 01 blog

Tuesday was the kids last day of school.

Natalie went with her 5th grade class to Carter Caves.

She loved it.

Spencer had two finals on his last day of skipping allowed!

Katie went to school dressed to get wet with water games and run and play in the schools field day, but it ended up POURING buckets of rain. She ended up getting signed out with her best friend Emma and went to her house to play for the day.

That evening I picked Natalie up at six from her school trip.

Then I picked up Katie and Emma. Emma was staying the night.

Then we went and picked up Adam, Spencer's best friend, who was also staying over.

Then Natalie asked for Emily to stay over too.

Six kids.

Six kids, that is how many kids were staying over at our house Tuesday night.

We went to the dollar store to get some pool toys with our neighbor who recently put up a pool.

I called and ordered pizza, because there was no way I was cooking with six kids in the house and the busy day I had had.

Adam bought some little fireworks at the store.

We came home, all the kids ate pizza, then put their swim gear on, went swimming at the neighbors, Spencer and Adam let off their fireworks, then they all played spotlight outside in our yard.

Later that evening Spencer told me, "You know mom, this is the best last day of school ever. A good kick-off to summer!"

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