Monday, December 19, 2011

Buddy the Elf.

Buddy The Elf 1 blog

Several weeks ago Katie was so happy to find an Elf On The Shelf waiting for her.

She came home from school telling me how her friend Emma has an elf, how you read the book and then his magic starts and the next morning you wake up and get to find him hiding in the house somewhere.

We carefully unpacked him, making sure not to touch him....because if you touch the elf he loses his magic.

Katie named him Buddy....Buddy the Elf.

She went to sleep that night anxious to wake up in the morning to find out where Buddy had found to stay for the night.

Since then Buddy has been a lot of places in our home, hanging from the clock, playing with marshmallows, eating cereal, hanging out with Barbie and her friends and many more places.

Katie loves Buddy and loves that he is "magic".

Buddy The Elf 2 blog

This past weekend all three of our kids had friends over or went to a friends house to stay. We had a house full. Natalie had Hailey and Casey over, Spencer had Adam over and Katie went to the movies with Emma and stayed the night with Sydney.

I had just gotten out of the shower and gotten dressed when I heard Katie banging on our door and crying.

I opened our door to a little girl crying her heart out.

Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: "Katie! Why are you crying? Whats wrong?" (thinking she was physically hurt)

Katie: "Mom!! (sniff, sniff) Mom!!"

Me: "WHAT?"

Katie: "Adam touched Buddy and now Buddy has lost his magic!!"

(Adam standing shocked and surprised and unknowing of Buddy's magic powers, which Spencer let him know of when Katie freaked out on him)

Adam: "I didn't know! I just picked him up, spun him around Katie! I didn't know!"

(I was trying to hold a laugh in, Spencer and Adam were too)

Katie: "Mom, can we get another elf...PLEASE?? Buddy isn't magic anymore!"

Me: (thinking fast what to say because I did not want to buy another elf)"Katie, Buddy is still magic. Adam doesn't believe in Santa or Buddy the Elf so it doesn't count if he picked him up, he didn't make Buddy lose his magic. Only the little kids that believe in Buddy the Elf and Santa make Buddy lose his magic if they touch him."

Katie: (calmed down a little, sniffing and wiping her tears) "You promise Buddy didn't lose his magic?"

Me: "I promise, you will still be able to find him in new places tomorrow morning"

The next morning Katie was excited to see Buddy the Elf holding on to her Daddy's coffee pot......Jerome told her that Buddy was needing some caffeine.

And now for one of our favorite parts of the makes Katie laugh hysterically every time.....

Looks fun doesn't it?

Katie's Buddy the Elf is named after that crazy elf.

91. how a little "magic" brings laughter in our home
92. seeing the excitement and anticipation of Christmas in our kids
93. date night with my husband
94. running into old friends at dinner
95. warmth of a new winter coat
96. a kiss from my husband in the cold night air
97. knowing that even though it will be our last date for a long time, we enjoyed every second of it

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