Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Breakfast.

Reindeer Pancakes 01 blog

Today is the first day of Christmas break for our kids. We stayed up late last night and all slept in this morning.

Jerome started the coffee while I started making the reindeer pancakes I promised the girls I'd make.

We didn't have bacon (for the antlers) so I improvised and used Hershey's chocolate syrup, a maraschino cherry for the red nose, whip cream and chocolate chips for the eyes. I found the idea for it here

Buddy the elf would be loving the sweet sugary breakfast we had this morning....but he was in Katie's room on her little Christmas tree.....he covered her tree with toilet paper last night.

Katie was excited to see Buddy somewhere else besides the freezer this morning. He was in the freezer when she woke up yesterday morning. She kept getting upset because she was afraid he would freeze and lose his magic powers. I had to remind her that he lives at the North Pole and the freezer reminds him of home.

Natalie took the next picture with my camera.....

Reindeer Pancakes 02 blog

98. making reindeer pancakes with our kids
99. sleeping in on the first day of Christmas break
100. baking for the family get togethers
101. kids helping in the kitchen
102. wrapping presents
103. watching favorite Christmas movies with my family

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