Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We woke up early Sunday morning to travel to my parent's church. They were having their Christmas musical program. Our girls had spent the weekend at my parents and enjoyed getting to spend time with their cousins.

The music started and the program began. They had a man in a military uniform, performing, questioning God why his friend was killed in action. He was in the desert, deployed, looking up at the same night sky that the three wise men would have years ago. At first I wanted to leave, so did Spencer who was sitting beside me. But something told me to stay right there in my seat.

Through the music performance there were a few things that were said that really hit home.

Keep having faith, because God knows what your future holds....even if you don't. Trust in Him that everything will be alright.

After the program was over we all went to IHOP for breakfast. Then I took the kids to the ice rink to meet my sister Jolena, and go ice skating. Jerome had drill this weekend so I had plenty of time with just me and our kids.

The girls love to skate. If I hadn't already finished up Christmas shopping I think I would have bought them some ice skates and lessons this year for Christmas.

Iceskating 01 blog

Iceskating blog 01

Iceskating 02 blog

Iceskating 03 blog

Iceskating 04 blog

Spencer was on the ice just a few minutes and his foot started hurting again. He has a pulled Achilles tendon that he did last week. So while the girls skated Spencer and I went and played a few games in the arcade. I still think it's pretty funny that I beat him at the shooting game we played four times.

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