Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Advent Calendar.

Advent Calendar 04 Blog

For years now I have been wanting to make an advent calendar for our kids to enjoy counting down the days to Christmas. This year I decided to make one and I was right, our kids love it.

Each morning they pull the card out of the little brown bag, read it and know that that evening we will be doing something fun together as a family.

This evening we are watching The Christmas Story.

Advent Calendar 02 Blog

I put the calendar in our entry so it is one of the first things that is seen. I love it and am glad I finally took time out of our busy schedule to make a Christmas craft (especially one we will be able to use every year from now on).

I even managed to get a date night for Jerome and I tucked inside one of these little brown bags.

Advent Calendar Blog 01

If you would like to use this idea you can find the numbers and daily cards here , here
and here .

I found the little brown bags at Michael's craft store. I printed the sheet of numbers out and used a Martha Stewart scalloped punch that I already had and then glued the numbers onto the bags (I need to buy another set of bags still). Then I pinned the little brown bags to the ribbon with tiny clothespins. I cut out the daily cards and tucked them inside each little brown bag. I like that I can change this out every year, add new cards to the bags as our kids grow older.

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