Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Like father like son.....

Today is the first day Spencer is wearing his Junior ROTC uniform to school. Him and Jerome were up early this morning to make sure everything is done right....shaving, hair trimmed, uniform put on properly.

Spencer asked me last night if I thought his dad would be able to help him get his uniform on right so that he doesn't fail inspection. Then he said to me, "Mom, what if I fail inspection?".

I laughed and said,"Do you really think your dad, a Navy Chief, is going to let his son fail an inspection?".

He laughed and agreed that he knew he wasn't going to have to worry about failing inspection.

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When Spencer started his first ROTC class, he couldn't wait to tell us about getting to do a flight simulation. When we asked him how he did, his reply was, "I crashed and burned." and then laughed along with us.

I'm not sure where he wants to go with his life. He talks about joining the military, but then he has also talked about being a sports doctor. I know he has a few years to figure it out, but for now I think he is doing an amazing job.

He told me the other day he wants to try and get a 4.0 this next semester since he won't be playing football he'll have more time to concentrate on his academics. We were wanting him to wrestle, one, because we know he enjoyed it so much last year and two, it will give him something to keep himself busy when Jerome deploys. But I can't argue with him wanting to focus on his grades, that I found was wonderful to hear from him.

This picture is one of my favorites from this morning.....

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I am proud of my boys, my son who is quickly growing into a man and my husband who I adore.

~Amber Hope
What Matters Most

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