Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 1st, Lincoln County Game

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September first was our game against Lincoln County. We were all excited about this game. Grandad and Grandma came out to see Spencer play and so did my sister Savannah and her two boys, Bradley and Caleb.

For most of the game, this is where Spencer was...
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Then the coach had him play kick return...
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This was one game I didn't have to constantly tell the girls, "No, you can't go to the concession stand" and then listen to them beg why and then explain to them for the tenth time that they were just there five minutes ago. I actually was able to watch this game because Natalie and Katie were preoccupied with "babysitting" Bradley and Caleb.
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Bradley kept pointing and yelling for "Pincer" from the stands. Earlier that day Savannah and I had lunch at Penn Station with her boys. They had a tv that was set to a sports channel. When a football game started playing on the tv Bradley stood up in his seat and start yelling, "Dat's Pincer....Pincer pay football (That's Spencer....Spencer plays football)".
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I love that little nephew of mine!

He sat for a good while watching Spencer on the field.

But unfortunately even when asking the coach to go in, Spencer spent most of the time standing on the sidelines (he was asking the coach to go in here)...
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The coach played him for three kick returns and that was all that Spencer was put in for.
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After the game the coach had a meeting with all the parents. It was the usual, asking for parents support and fundraising info. At the end he told the parents to call anytime, that he will discuss anything but playing time with them. And, that he only plays the players that want to be there.

After the meeting Spencer took Bradley out for a run on the field. Bradley was LOVING it! I think he looks up to Spencer, and Spencer adores him as if he were a brother to him (something Spencer always wanted but never had).

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Jerome was able to talk to Spencer on the way home about the game. Spencer was irritated that he was put in for only three plays the whole entire game. Jerome reminded him to let it all out on the football field at practice next week.

Later Jerome and I talked about what the coach said. He and I both disagreed with what the coach had said, Spencer has the heart and the want to to be out on that field. He just isn't given the chance to be.

~Amber Hope
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