Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 10th, Katie's Birthday

Katie was excited about her birthday party this year, she knew that when she turned 10 that she would be having it at a hotel like Natalie had had.

She was only allowed to invite a certain number of girls. But having lunch with her at school Friday I realized she had invited the whole school. As I'm sitting there at the lunch table with her, her party was the conversation at several of the tables. Little girls were coming up to me saying, "Katie invited me to her birthday party","Yes, me too and she invited my sister too" and then another said, "There is a lot of people coming maybe you should just have it at your house and have cake and ice cream!". I about choked on my bite of food as I looked over at Katie that said, "What were you thinking? Inviting the whole school?". She then smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

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Oh Katie, what were we to do.

The only thing we could do was keep it hush hush. We invited her cousins and a few of her very closest friends. It ended up being a great party. We stayed at the same hotel we had for Natalie's party. The indoor pool is a great hit for a party in the fall. They had so much fun.....very little sleep....but so much fun.

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I had all the girls jump into the pool together. It made for some funny pictures, but what is more funny than that is the family behind them.......made me laugh going through these pictures.

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After swimming in the pool we went up to the hotel room. Jerome went and got the pizza's. We ate pizza, had cupcakes, sang happy birthday and opened presents. Jerome stayed for a while then left and kissed me goodnight and told me to have fun, laughing as he said it because he knew I wasn't going to get any sleep.

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Happy Birthday sweet baby girl Katie!! WE LOVE YOU!!

~Amber Hope
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