Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 8th, Parkersburg Game

September eighth we played Parkersburg, an away game.....two and a half hours away.

I knew our girls would get in bed late if we made them tag along, so I found a sitter for both of them. They were staying all night with their friends.

I loaded everything we needed for the game, Spencer rode the bus up with his team and I met Jerome at work with a change of clothes. He didn't get off work as early as planned so we started on the road a little later than planned as well.

We rushed there, found a parking spot in a very crowded parking lot, stood in the parking lot as the national anthem was sang and then headed on into the stadium to buy tickets to watch the game.

All of that rushing, all of that planning, all of that traveling.......

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And this is exactly how it went. Spencer didn't play a single play the entire game, of course neither did at least half the other players either.

We watched the game, cheered on the team, and in between kept watching and waiting for the coach to put Spencer in.

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After the game Jerome was able to talk to Spencer before he got on the bus. It was visible seeing Spencer walking out of the locker room that he was mad and upset. Jerome reminded him to keep his chin up and just let it out on the field at practice next week, while I talked with several other moms, each of us asking the other if their kid had a chance to play.

It is disheartening I know to Spencer to put so much into this and then get to game day and stand by on the sidelines. I know us telling him to keep his chin up, let it out on the field at practice and someday, someday the coach will pay attention and notice him, sounds like a broken record to him. But until then all we can do is keep encouraging him, cheer on the team and hope that the coach will switch out some of the players, at least for some of the game. But until then.........this is where we are at.

~Amber Hope
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